Sophia Knotts

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Hi, I'm Sophia, a public relations consultant, web developer and graphic designer (in that order). The most universal form of communication is through visual mediums and I focus on using those in tandem with internet-based resources in my public relations work. I have experience in 2D and 3D animation and video editing, primarily with Adobe software. I frequently use Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop. I'm familiar with promotional features and tools for Instagram and Twitter and evaluating social media analytics. My most visible work is the graphic I designed for Chastity. The first merchandise released with the graphic was a limited edition run with the proceeds benefitting Black Lives Matter Toronto. The design is now featured on multiple items and distributed internationally.
While my web consulting work is often undetectable (I lose sleep until CSS is thoroughly debugged) I find fixing errors most rewarding.
One of my recent passion projects was designing abstract therapeutic coloring pages for patients in long term hospital care.




"Thank you so much Sophia. You are a massive gift to me and those around you. Thank you for blessing the cause with your gifts."

—Brandon Williams, Chastity

"Sophia is a driven professional who truly takes an organization’s mission to heart, and won’t back down from any challenge. In our time working together, Sophia resonated with the mission of the organization we served, and undertook several demanding projects that kept her hands full and engaged the bulk of her unique skill set. Despite her workload, Sophia still empathized with every member of our team during bumps in the road and was always willing to lend a hand. Sophia is armed with a skill or a tool for any practical challenge she faces, but she stands out because of her ease to work with, her drive to excel and her unique passion for the work she does. Sophia’s skills and affability will make her an asset for any individual or collaborative project. In short, Sophia is a force of nature for any organization or public relations team."

—Ryan Myrvold

"Sophia’s tenacity would make her an asset to any organization. Sophia is a diligent and hard working team member that can accomplish any task given to her flawlessly. In my time working with Sophia, she overcame many challenges. Her initiative helped put our group project above and beyond. In our many group sessions, she was able to keep everyone working hard and having fun. When working with a public radio station, she volunteered herself on numerous occasions to do work that was not asked of her. From long days recording in the studio, to carefully curating graphics for different programs, Sophia's skill set makes her an essential member to any group. It was a pleasure to work with someone so kind and hardworking."

—Abi Hoodenpyle