See the full survey here

The survey was split into 6 sections:

  1. Survey introduction
  2. About Us
    • Context on our project adapted from the “PR at your service” template
  3. Basic personal information
  4. Program and production information
    • At the client’s request, I included a question regarding additional training
  5. Graphic design services offer
  6. Request and conditions for future contact
I grouped the questions by subject but divided them into sections so the respondents wouldn’t be overwhelmed. I kept the survey as condensed as possible with few required questions for the convenience of participants. The introductions are short and split into separate sections to increase the likelihood of survey respondents reading all the information.

The required questions have now been made optional to make viewing easier.
When the survey was issued, the only required questions were:
  • What is your name?
  • What are your pronouns?
    • Answer format: multiple choice
      • She/her
      • He/him
      • They/them
      • Prefer not to answer
      • [Short answer text box to type another option]
  • What is the name of your show?
  • Would you be interested in graphic design services to promote your KMRE program or podcast? For example: logo and/or program image to be used on and KMRE social media.
The survey was available for one week and received 15 responses.


Personal information
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Program and production

Graphic design services
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Discussing the newsletter with the client, we decided quarterly would be the best frequency. I knew a highly visual newsletter was key for retaining the attention of recipients. However, my team didn’t have much to work with regarding content or images. Because quarterly coincides with seasons, I created themed variations of the KMRE logo.


Using information from the survey, I generated this profile for the featured show section:

Off-The-Beat Music Hour
From the host, Mike Gianunzio:

“I play an eclectic mix of music with an emphasis on Americana, folk and rock and roll; and I add lots of background on the artists and the songs. Some shows are theme based, like Railroad Songs, Songs About Food, Garage Rock, A Quest For The Best Songs of the Last Six Decades, New Americana Music, Best Folk Songs Ever, A Trio Of Troubadours, The Songs Of Sun Records (or other famous studios), Grammy Award Winning Songs and A Great Day For The Blues.”

Mike produces Off-The-Beat Music Hour from home. If you want to listen from your home, tune in to 102.3 KMRE FM or listen online at Off-The-Beat Music Hour airs every Wednesday from 7-8pm.


Current sitemap

Proposed sitemap

With this proposed sitemap, will go from upwards of 40 pages to less than 10. No content will be lost and both user navigation and site management will be drastically improved. The pages will use internal navigation, expanding and collapsing sections and modals to organize content.

The current homepage is nearly identical to the program page. One of my suggestions the client liked is to replace the main image on the homepage with a carousel (slideshow.) I would also place the TuneIn widget in the header of all pages so site visitors could continue to listen while navigating between pages.


Local music news and reviews

I recruited a contributor, Jarrod Sage, to write local music reviews for I asked him to submit a writing sample, gave him a place to start and established a few parameters. The writing is fantastic and I think he’s interested in becoming a recurring contributor. View that article here. Full disclosure: I made a separate copy of the article to edit into AP style, but it didn’t fit the standard music review format. The original is best.

Shortly after our first client meeting, I was made an editor of, a project of Kulshan Community Media (KCM, the nonprofit which owns KMRE.) The website is currently private and in my discussion with KCM board member Jacob Torres, there has been talk of migrating the content to Accompanied by the music reviews, there is more than enough material to get a KMRE blog off the ground.

Graphic Design

Off-the-Beat Music Hour

Retirement Talk

Secrets of a Fairy Godmother